After playing a lead role in Oscar and Golden Globe nominated movie SCHTONK!, Veronica has worked in over one hundred feature films; more than thirty of which were American / English productions.

Two Emmy-Award-winning productions stand out among the numerous films, TV and made-for-TV movies that Veronica has graced; her last movie is on the Oscar list again. Some of her recent works include Nicholas Jarecki’s CRISIS, alongside Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, Evangeline Lilly, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans and Greg Kinnear. Her short film MALOU was on the Academy Award short-list for 2020.

LOVE, WEDDING & OTHER DISASTERS directed by Dennis Dugan with Diane Keaton, Maggie Grace and Jeremy Irons; as well as Vaughn Stein’s EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE alongside Michelle Monaghan, Casey Affleck and Sam Claflin were shot in 2019. She starred in Lina Roessler’s BEST SELLERS with Michael Caine; as well as the lead in MASTER OF DEATH 2 directed by Daniel Harrich and in THE DARKER THE LAKE directed by Lok Kwan Woo. In 2020, she starred in the thriller ZERO CONTACT alongside Anthony Hopkins. In 2021 she shot PARADISE HIGHWAY with Juliette Binoche and Morgan Freemann, among others.

Her breakthrough into film was imminent following her lead role in the successful comedy THE SUPERWOMAN (Das Superweib), followed by the Academy Award nominated SCHTONK!, ROSSINI and SAVIOURS IN THE NIGHT. Recent films include SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS, and the remarkable comedy UNDER GERMAN BEDS (Unter Deutschen Betten).


With her production company Construction Film, she produces German and international films. With the project THE UNFORGIVABLE, Construction Film is producing for Netflix for the first time. The material is based on a three-part British miniseries and is directed by Nora Fingscheidt. Production partners are Graham King/GK Films and Sandra Bullock, who also took on the lead role. She also co-produced the thriller SHATTERED with Silver Reel, which releases on January 14.

In 2018 Veronica was featured in the film SIBERIA, alongside Keanu Reeves, as well as BERLIN, I LOVE YOU with Helen Mirren.

TV credits for 2018 include the series BERLIN STATION with Richard Jenkins, as well as the made-for-TV movie MARRY ME.

Among the highlights of her lengthy career in the international film-making world, include work with Catherine Zeta-Jones in CATHERINE THE GREAR, John Malkovich in LADIES ROOM, KLIMT, THE GIACOMO VARIATION and LES MISÉRABLES, Jeff Goldblum in ADAM RESURRECTED, Nicholas Cage in PAY THE GHOST, Robert De Niro, Danny DeVito and Harvey Keitel in THE COMEDIAN, Michael Shannon & Gabriel Garcia Bernal in Werner Herzog’s SALT AND FIRE, and Sir Ben Kingsley in DEATH OF AN AUTHOR.

A few of her personal awards include: The Adolph Grimme Prize, The German Television Prize, 2 Golden Camera Awards, The Bavarian Television Prize, 2 Bambi Awards and an Emmy for best actress in THE MANNS.

She is an alumna of University of Munich where she studied German Literature, Psychology and Drama. She is teaching at the German film school in Munich (HFF).

Awards - Nominations

Awards - Nominations

The following honors and nominations were awarded to Veronica Ferres for various projects and engagements:


ACADEMY AWARD 1992 – Nomination

Bester ausländischer Film „Schtonk“ (Rolle: Martha)

GOLDEN GLOBE 1993 – Nomination

Best foreign language film for “Schtonk” (role: Martha)

TELE STAR 1998 – Nomination

best actress in a movie made for TV – THE NAUGHTY WOMAN

Kitzbühel Filmfestival 2020

Price of Honour

Adolf Grimme Award 1998 – Nomination

for her role in THE NAUGHTY WOMAN and in THE CHAOS QUEEN

GOLDEN CAMERA AWARD 2007 – Nomination

Best German TV-movie “Destined to witness”

GOLDENE HENNE AWARD 2007 – Nomination

For best actress

GERMAN TV AWARD 2007 – Nomination

For best actress in a leading role and best TV-movie “Snow in December”


Best foreign language film for “The woman from Checkpoint Charlie”


best TV-movie for “The woman from Checkpoint Charlie” and “The miracle of Berlin”

EMMY 2008 – Nomination

TV-movie for “The miracle of Berlin”


Best mini-series for “The Godmother”

BAMBI 2007 – Nomination

For the TV-event of the year 2007 for “The woman from Checkpoint Charlie”

SPA Award 1997

Beauty Award


VIP of the Year

Bavarian Europe-Medal 2019

10. Marler Media Award for Human Rights 2017

Awarded by Amnesty International for the movie “Meister des Todes”


in the category “best actress”


“Saviors in the night”- Winner of Audience Award


awarded for her caritative engagement and her artistic achievements as an actress


for longstanding engagement for Hadassah


against anti-Semitism and hatred of foreigners

Oldenburg Film Festival 2013

Star of Excellence – Walk of Fame



for “Saviors in the night”, international film festival DC in Washington


in the category film


Best actress for “The woman from Checkpoint Charlie”


Best TV-movie for “The woman from Checkpoint Charlie”


The book „No, I don´t go with strangers!“ was chosen as “Book of the month” of March 2007 by the “Deutsche Akademie für Kinder-und Jugendliteratur e.V.”


For her book „No, I don´t go with strangers!“

Hans-Rosenthal-Ehrenpreis 2007

for her encouragement for her charity project “Power-Child”


for special efforts for the country


for best actress

BAMBI 2005

for her extraordinary career in movies, TV and on stage



for “Anna’s Return”, “Forever Lost” and “Stronger than Death”

EMMY 2002

Best film/serial for “The Manns”


for “The Manns”


best actress of feature film and TV movie in Germany for “Bobby”


for “The Manns”


most popular actress in Austria


for “The Bride”, 9th International Film-Festival, Pescara, Italy


best actress of the feature film in Germany “Rossini” and the TV movies “The Chaos Queen”, “Dr. Knock” and “The Naughty Woman”


in Germany for “Schtonk”




PARADISE HIGHWAY out now in the US

Source: Digital Journal (30th July 2022) PARADISE HIGHWAY, directed by Anna Gutto, was released Friday, 07/29/22 in select theaters in the U.S. and on Apple TV. Veronica Ferres plays the role of Rose, who is part of a female trucker community, entangled in the dark side of the transportation industry. The gripping plot of the thriller,…

Vogue Shooting

For the international issue of Vogue, Veronica Ferres was in front of the camera for the cover shoot.   Photographer: Christina Kapl Styling: Grace Maier Hair & Make up: Max Roman Production: Maier Agency

“Crisis” at the top of “Independent Films”

The U.S. film “Crisis” quickly landed at the top of the most-watched “independent films”. In the USA, the drama could be seen in 200 reopened cinemas. There was praise for actress and co-producer Veronica Ferres from established media.

More Article


18 November 2011 Veronica Ferres was presented in Berlin as the official patron of the Ark Children’s Foundation. In this role she will focus in the future, especially the important issue of education.After all, education is for children from socially disadvantaged families usually the only way to escape the cycle of poverty.

The Ark Children’s Foundation supports in particular the establishment of additional facilities at the children’s and youth work “Die Arche”. In its facilities the “Ark” offers children a full day free, hot meal, help with homework, meaningful pastimes, sports and music, and especially a lot of attention. Because children need confirmation of their confidence. You need to feel to be important and to be loved. Many children in this country are not experiencing the home unfortunately.

“The Ark”, it has also taken on the task publicly draw attention to shortcomings in our society, so that children are increasingly at the center again. For this, the management of the “Arche” also seeks dialogue with business and politics and brings in experience from their work with a. For his commitment was the director and founder of the “Ark”, Bernd Siggelkow, awarded the “Order of Merit of the State of Berlin” and the “Order of Merit”. And also “The Ark” was itself among others honored with the “Carl von Ossietzky Medal of the International League for Human Rights” and the “Hanse-Merkur Award for Child Protection”.

The Christian Children’s and Youth was founded in 1995 in Berlin.Meanwhile, the “Ark” at ten locations in Germany and actively reaches more than 2,000 children and adolescents. The opening of new facilities is planned, because the demand is unfortunately enormous. However, the tasks that took over the club, he can only cope with assistance. The work of the “Arche” is funded 100 percent by donations.

Education is therefore not be the only subject for which Veronica Ferres advocates. She promised Ark founder Bernd Siggelkow also help in finding support. For every penny collected is an investment in our children and therefore in our present and future.

Veronica Ferres – International ambassador for HADASSAH
Veronica Ferres campaigns worldwide as “Hadassah International Ambassador” for the mission, a to create through healing, teaching, and research a peaceful coexistence of cultures and religions in the Middle East. Veronica Ferres accepts first Hadassah project patron of the intensive care unit of Children’s Hospital in Jerusalem Hadassah in Ein Kerem, which urgently needs to be renovated and expanded.In Jerusalem’s largest children’s hospital, a clinic of the University Hospital Hadassah in Ein Kerem, small patients are treated with serious illnesses at the highest medical level. It is a place of healing, reconciliation and understanding between peoples lived, because here in addition to Israeli Arab children also come from the northern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, the neighboring towns and villages and from the Palestinian territory. Even on the part of physicians working Israelis and Palestinians holding hands. At this unique place medicine is the key to peace. Veronica Ferres is one of the international conveyance of the Children’s Hospital and accepts as Hadassah International Ambassador not only in Germany an important role to support the pediatric intensive care unit, it works in tandem with the international Hadassah friends circles and other celebrities, the Hadassah Medical Center to help the world to promote.

Background: The Hadassah Medical Center
For nearly a century, the Hadassah Medical Center with its two hospitals in Jerusalem innovative and compassionate health care for all people, regardless of religion or ethnicity. Internationally recognized for his outstanding contribution in healing, teaching, research, and as a model for future peace in the Middle East, this scale-positing was nominated medical center for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. Treated at Hadassah annually five thousand of health workers nearly one million people.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Built in 1981 in the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center, the Pediatric ICU critically ill patients with modern and innovative care that enables them to complex surgical procedures, life-threatening trauma, severe childhood diseases, and other serious conditions to survive. Hadassah’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is the main facility for intensive care for children in Jerusalem and supplied the entire Greater Jerusalem – more than one million people.

Hadassah as a bridge to peace
Hadassah’s PICU team, champions of importance equip Palestinian health personnel with expertise to supply their own population, forms of Palestinian doctors and nurses / inside in advanced pediatric care. Among patients are Palestinian children who have no access to these complex medical care otherwise. By working with Palestinian doctors Hadassah forms a bridge to peace through medicine.

Current situation
Hadassah’s PICU treated today with its eight inpatient beds 450-500 patients per year. Whether pediatric oncology, trauma, neurology, repairing a variety of congenital defects, the heart, brain, or gastrointestinal tract affect, Hadassah’s PICU is decisive for allowing the babies and children live a long and healthy life. Each week leads Hadassah by around five open-heart surgery for children, which are then placed in the intensive care unit. Hadassah, which houses the largest pediatric hematology-oncology department in Jerusalem, is the only center in the city that bone marrow transplants carried out in children.

Hadassah International and the German friends of the Hadassah Medical Center is a network of dedicated employees and numerous volunteers, the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem by the various offices in Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, Panama, Australia and Israel support from. There are groups of friends who support through their volunteer work also the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem in about 20 other countries.To advertise friends and supporters organized the Hadassah Medical Center through its global units regularly high-profile events such as concerts, gala dinners, art auctions or private viewings. The mission is to promote public relations and to raise funds to cover special needs and to support a variety of projects in the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

Veronica Ferres since 2009 supports the HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust, a non-profit association, which, involved in South Africa in the Western Cape Province for HIV-positive and tuberculosis-ill people. Through its support HOPE Cape Town could do for the next three years, a doctor who is not only the young patients and their families medical care, but also in the training of health workers HOPE operates. Add to this the supervision of medical students from around the world who complete a so-called “elective student programs” in HOPE Cape Town as part of their medical studies.

HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis are a global challenge. The infection rates of these diseases are constantly rising. HOPE Cape Town believes that all have a responsibility to cooperate in the fight against HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis. The association provides creative, flexible solutions to tackle problems as needed and fights for education, prevention, treatment, research and a better management of the disease and its sufferers.

HOPE Cape Town was founded in 2001 by Rev Fr Stefan Hippler and works financially supported by donations from individuals, organizations and agencies in order to offer all necessary services at the community level can: networking, training, treatment and counseling. The organization is funded entirely by private donations and sponsorship.

A sample of international projects of HOPE Cape Town Asssociation:
2001, Ithemba station, the Department of Infectious Diseases, was opened by the HOPE Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. The aim is to give the children an intensive treatment, rehabilitation and education in a child-friendly and family environment.

2002 founded HOPE Cape Town the Health Workers’ Project, a hitherto unique initiative which forms the centerpiece of the organization. The HOPE health workers receive from HOPE Cape Town intensive training in all medical and social aspects of HIV and AIDS. In the various township communities in the greater Cape Town, where they live, they take care of locally by sufferers. The now 24 HOPE health workers lead among others psychosocial counseling and HIV testing, make home visits to patients, help with any problems with the medication and act as an interface to social institutions. As an employee of HOPE Cape Town they are each also part of the staff of the township clinics and there have their jobs. The concept of HOPE health worker as an integral part of clinical teams is a progressive innovation in the local health system that has been devised and implemented by HOPE Cape Town for the first time.

Since 2003 HOPE Cape Town also works together with traditional healers and is within the scope of this unique step, establish a referral system between them and Western clinics. In South Africa, consult the vast majority of the population, traditional healers. This “Sangoma” are thus an important social group, the correct information about HIV and AIDS can transmit and can adequately advise the population.

As patron committed Veronica Ferres for the “Children’s Hospice Burgholz”, which will be built from the end of 2012 in the heart of the Bergisches Land. The native of Soli Gerin has to this region a special relationship and I know that such a facility for seriously ill and dying children and adolescents in the city triangle Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid is urgently needed.

Responsibility for the project is the Bethe Foundation “Children’s Hospice Foundation Bergisches Land”, a dedicated consortium of Caritasverband Wuppertal / Solingen, Wuppertal and Diakonie.Together they manage the construction of the children’s hospice ecumenical solely from donations. Also for the further operation of the building, especially for accommodation of parents and siblings, continuously donations needed.

The “Children’s Hospice Burgholz” created in the extensive grounds of a former children’s home in a wonderful conservation area on the southern outskirts of Wuppertal. The tranquil wooded, yet close to city center will provide the guests of the house a great recreational value.

The house is able to accommodate up to 12 children. It also provides accommodation for parents and siblings, and is so to allow as part of short-term care terminally ill children and their families a relaxing break.

The new children’s hospice is to be a house of life, where children in spite of severe disease and approaching death can enjoy moments of happiness, find their parents relief and assistance and their siblings can enjoy the common family life.

Such children’s house, which stands as a children’s hospice and respite care is available, previously sorely missed by families affected in the Bergisch region.


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